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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 17:53:38 -0600RE: LIFE CLEANSE, ACAI BERRY SCAMI was suppose to cancel this product (Acai Berry, Life Cleanse) within 15 days. I could not because the phone number did not work and their was no way for me to cancel my order. A month later when I see these charges on my visa I had to ask for the phone number. I was told it was too late! I was informed by visa that they could not refund my money because I did not cancel within 15 days. I never knew about the charges or phone number of the items I purchased until over a month later. As I never use my visa card all of a sudden I see unexpected charges there. Visa should have recognized this abnormal activity and reported it to me.Why does the Visa customer phone service guy tell me I had to cancel when the phone number on the website does not work? How could I cancel?

Here is the page for customer service if you want to check it out.

There are other ads for the same product (*** enlargement)

Here is my response from this (or these) companies:

[#QWZ-120801]: Customer Support - Your Inquiry"From: Customer Support ( Sent: October 16, 2009 11:35:57 PMTo: winning14u@hotmail.comDear Customer,

Thank you very much for contacting our customer support.

We would like to inform you that on 2009-08-20 16:37:22, you were charged for the shipping and handling cost for your risk-free trial. As you are aware the 15 day risk-free trial starts from the day of shipment of the order and implies that you have 15 days to try your order for free.

As stated in the terms and conditions of the purchase, which you accepted during the purchase process, if you do not cancel your account during the 15 days trial period, you will be charged for the

product separately and thus the risk-free trial converts into a regular subscription. In addition we state that on 2009-09-06, according to the Terms and

Conditions you would be charged the full price of the product and enter a monthly subscription cycle.

A month later


[#QWZ-120801]: Customer Support - Your Inquiry"

From: Customer Support ( Sent: October 28, 2009 10:13:10 AMTo:

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for contacting our customer support.

As indicated in our previous communication with you, you accepted the terms and conditions of the purchase, indicating that unless you cancel this subscription, each month thereafter we will send you an additional monthly supply of the product, and the credit card you provided to us will be automatically charged with the full price of the product.

You were also informed that due to a technical error those charges could not be processed on time.

Please note that for this reason we are unable to credit you account for the products you received.

The terms and conditions are available on the website at the bottom of the page.

Best regards,

Customer Support

Ticket Details===================Ticket ID: QWZ-120801Department: Viv3 CSPriority: LowStatus: Close

I spent over 20 hours on the phone to this company. They spoke with an accent from India and I had trouble understanding them. I would have to hang up and call again several times. After being put on hold several times, for over 20 minutes each time of listening to circus music blasting in my ear, I was told several times that I would have to wait for an e-mail response from the company. This took 72 hours each time. Was this done on purpose to delay me canceling my order? Here is my last Visa statement

VISA 1 Nov 2009

CAD VISA 4512 Printable version

Statement Details: Balance Details:Last Statement Date: 6 Oct 2009 Current Balance: $474.34Due Date: 23 Oct 2009 Credit Limit: $16,700.00Last Statement Balance: $531.62 Last Payment Date: 16 Oct 2009Minimum Payment: $10.00 Last Payment Amount: $57.28

Allow up to 3 days for charges and payments to appear.

Select "Sort transactions" to set a date order preference.

Date Description Debits Credits16 Oct 2009 PAYMENT - THANK YOU / PAIEMENT - MERCI 57.281 Oct 2009 Skincare Today +61280144926 132.02 119.02 USD @ 1.1092 1 Oct 2009 AgeHealth +42 024 601 9 132.02 119.02 USD @ 1.1092 26 Sep 2009 CTT +442033938389 SINGAPORE 133.79 119.02 USD @ 1.1240 26 Sep 2009 CTT +442033938389 SINGAPORE 133.79 119.02 USD @ 1.1240 13 Sep 2009 PAYMENT - THANK YOU / PAIEMENT - MERCI 5.15

These products sell in the health food store for less than thirty dollars. Not one-hundred and thirty seven dollars. I am on a disability pension and will have considerable difficulty in paying this bill.

Review about: Order Cancellation.



It happened to me as well. I learned my lesson "as always" the hard way. I worked my *** off because I had no choice but to pay my Citibank Visa and closed the visa account..


I had the same problem with this company. Thank goodness that that my bank just happened to have an error in their system cousing me to get a new bank number so they couldn't charge me.

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